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No appetite for ‘The Hunger Games’

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Thought about renting or buying “The Hunger Games” until I recalled the dark subject matter. Obviously, the film has some merit, given its wild popularity. I understand the book series is a hit as well. The plot description brought to mind Shirley Jackson’s classic short story, The Lottery.

Just wondering what drew folks to see this flick. I like the warm and fuzzy movies ( “ET” is one of my all-time favorites), but I see the merit in dark films. I just have to prepare myself mentally. Someone tricked me into seeing “Silence of the Lambs” (and the thought of certain scenes still gives me the creeps.) It took me months to watch “Schindler’s List” (surprisingly uplifting), “Hotel Rwanda” and “The Last King of Scotland.”

So what’s the deal with “The Hunger Games” ?


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