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A song in the key of me

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        “But you can bet your life times that and twice its double, that God knew exactly where he wanted you to be placed.”

Everyone who knows me well knows I love music. Don’t know what I’d do without it. For the last couple weeks I’ve been hearing Stevie’s jam “As” ringing through my head. And the lyrics of that song have applied to so many aspects of my life lately, it’s stunning.

Take this UNITY conference. It’s no accident that I was blessed with the chance to go network with other journalists in Vegas, practically for free, right after a job contract had ended. Literally, I learned of this opportunity the next day. When He closes a door, He opens a window, indeed.

Fast forward to my Day 2 of the conference. A reporter friend of mine hooked me up with a plethora of options for enjoying Vegas on the cheap. Stomach growling and armed with her list, I hit the Strip.  I got my grub on at the Flamingo hotel’s breakfast buffet. Cheryl, it was as delicious as you described, but for me those buffets are never a bargain because I can rarely make it past seconds. But after walking practically the length of the Strip for a meal, I was as hungry as I would ever be.

The walk there was relatively cool (considering that the temp soared to 114 degrees later that day). Basically, the joggers and I (and Elvis) had the Strip to ourselves in the pre-8 a.m. hour.

The adventure began as I headed back south on the Strip en route to my hotel. Man, was it nice to be able to stop and smell the flowers. I took my time and absorbed everything. Sights. Sounds. Smells. I saw stories everywhere: from the talented street performers in front of the 24-hour Walgreens to the mall where I spent way too much money on bath products.

I did some impromptu interviews and snapped so many photos that I filled up the memory cards on both my camera and cell phone. I wondered if my long-dormant passion for reporting was being reawakened, or whether I was just feeling a rush from shopping. Whatever it was, I wanted to document it and share  it.

I thought about my blog topics: music, technology and saving money. Check, check, check. It was all right in front of me. He does know exactly where he wants you to be placed. Only God could bless me with such a revelation in “Sin City.”


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