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Mountain Lion: Not the cat’s meow

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Thought I would be posting about the wonders of Mountain Lion’s voice dictation by now, but nooooooo. It’s installed, thanks to some hand-holding from the kind folks at Apple, who assured me I’ll get 90 days of phone support with my OS upgrade (after first telling me that my Apple Care warranty had expired). But no sooner than I’d managed to get the sound working on my iMac, I ran into more headaches.

Like how to get this Mountain Lion party started. I’ve bought into the hype; I’m ready to roll. Where’s the equivalent of the “Read Me First” file you get after software installation? So off to YouTube I went to get a video demonstration. Only to learn that I couldn’t watch because my Flash player was outdated. Blowing off those annoying update prompts finally came back to bite me.

After a couple run-throughs of the video, it was obvious something was amiss with the voice dictation feature. I was in sync with the video till we got to the part where my words were supposed to magically fill my document at the sound of my voice.

UPDATE: It’s working!!!

Decided to give it one last try before posting, and it actually spit out some words. Not the words I dictated, but progress nonetheless. When I saw the microphone appear next to my cursor, I had a feeling it would work.

Folks, I am beat. More on Mountain Lion tomorrow. Think it’s safe to say, for tonight at least, that the update has some bugs to work out.


One thought on “Mountain Lion: Not the cat’s meow

  1. Great blog, Angie! Congrats, my sister! Lookin’ good!

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