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Earworms inside my head

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Not referring to the old Police jam. Right now I have all kinds of nautical earworms swimming through my head. Blame it on my blog design. Guess I’ll count ’em down till I fall asleep …

“Fantastic Voyage”—Lakeside
“Fantastic Voyage”—Coolio
“Voyage to Atlantis”—Isley Brothers
“Smooth Sailing”—Isley Brothers
“Sail On”—Commodores
“Sailing”—Christopher Cross
“Rock the Boat”—Hues Corporation
“Rock the Boat”—Aaliyah
“In the Air Tonight”—Phil Collins (Don’t ask)
“Little Red Boat”—Angel Grant
“On the Ocean”—K’Jon

Note to my buddy Di: Are you hearing strains of “Voices” in 702’s “Steelo“? 🙂


One thought on “Earworms inside my head

  1. Old School, Angie!!!!!! I love when we talk about music!!!!

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