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Cutting the cord (almost)

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Cheaper TV

Recently ditched 12-year cable and Internet provider RCN for AT&T’s U-Verse service. Thought I had joined the cable cord-cutting revolution, but was embarrassed to learn that U-Verse is just a fancy name for AT&T’s cable service! Oh well. It’s still cheaper than my RCN package—at least for the next six months. And I get a better channel selection to boot. Love being able to check out TV One’s Unsung without having to go to YouTube. Learned a lot about folks who have made a total break from expensive pay TV (cable and satellite) while doing my research before the cable switch. Janko Roettger’s e-book Cut the Cord: All You Need to Know to Drop Cable is an excellent resource. If it weren’t for the family’s love of local sports I’d totally be there. Alas, ESPN is semi-calling the shots around here for now. Got a Roku box for streaming some shows, but I haven’t signed up for Hulu or reactivated my Netflix subscription yet. And I still gotta hook up my Slingbox for cable on the go. Interested in hearing from any real cord-cutters out there.


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