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Earworms inside my head

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Not referring to the old Police jam. Right now I have all kinds of nautical earworms swimming through my head. Blame it on my blog design. Guess I’ll count ’em down till I fall asleep …

“Fantastic Voyage”—Lakeside
“Fantastic Voyage”—Coolio
“Voyage to Atlantis”—Isley Brothers
“Smooth Sailing”—Isley Brothers
“Sail On”—Commodores
“Sailing”—Christopher Cross
“Rock the Boat”—Hues Corporation
“Rock the Boat”—Aaliyah
“In the Air Tonight”—Phil Collins (Don’t ask)
“Little Red Boat”—Angel Grant
“On the Ocean”—K’Jon

Note to my buddy Di: Are you hearing strains of “Voices” in 702’s “Steelo“? 🙂


Cutting the cord (almost)

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Cheaper TV

Recently ditched 12-year cable and Internet provider RCN for AT&T’s U-Verse service. Thought I had joined the cable cord-cutting revolution, but was embarrassed to learn that U-Verse is just a fancy name for AT&T’s cable service! Oh well. It’s still cheaper than my RCN package—at least for the next six months. And I get a better channel selection to boot. Love being able to check out TV One’s Unsung without having to go to YouTube. Learned a lot about folks who have made a total break from expensive pay TV (cable and satellite) while doing my research before the cable switch. Janko Roettger’s e-book Cut the Cord: All You Need to Know to Drop Cable is an excellent resource. If it weren’t for the family’s love of local sports I’d totally be there. Alas, ESPN is semi-calling the shots around here for now. Got a Roku box for streaming some shows, but I haven’t signed up for Hulu or reactivated my Netflix subscription yet. And I still gotta hook up my Slingbox for cable on the go. Interested in hearing from any real cord-cutters out there.